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Oyster card top-ups & season tickets withdrawn at Wimbledon Station

Wimbledon’s Liberal Democrats and London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon have been asking questions about South West Train’s decision to withdraw the availability of Oyster card top-ups and season tickets at Wimbledon Station ticket office.

Bookswap at Wimbledon Station has a new Facebook page.

Books at Wimbledon station bookswap Jan 2013You can like it at

Founded in 2009, leave your old books in the waiting room on platforms 5 / 6 at Wimbledon Station – and take any books that you fancy for free.

Blue badge holders at Wimbledon Station

An alert from tells me that there’s now a new and prominent sign taxi drivers to keep the right-hand lane of the slip road clear, so that blue badge holders can access the disabled parking bays.

You may remember the problems with accessing these parking bays because of taxis stopped in the taxi rank.

The wider issue of assistance given to disabled passengers was recently highlighted by Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, in the context of support at Heathrow Airport. She said:

Heathrow airport is the gateway for people coming to London, if not the UK. If disabled people are facing a poor service travelling through this airport it can send out a terrible message about the status of disabled people in London and throughout the country. In the year that London hosted the most successful Paralympic Games ever to be held we should be moving forward in the delivery of accessible transport, from the tube to international air travel.


Wimbledon Station’s new Stag

Merton’s Mayor unveils the Stag, along with artist Isabelle Southward.

A a contemporary sculpture of a Stag, made from steel, has been unveiled today outside Wimbledon Station.

The Stag, at its highest point, will stand approximately 3 metres high and 3 metres in length.

The design was produced by local artist, Isabelle Southwood.

The sculpture was commissioned by Merton Council, Transport for London, South West Trains and Network Rail

What do people think? Commentary on the Council’s Facebook page hasn’t all been positive.

Wimbledon Station waiting rooms

Currently being refurbished. Means there’s temporarily no books in the Book Swap!

In the meantime, catch up with Book Swaps for London to see how getting book swaps in London’s train and tube stations is going.

Blue badge bays at Wimbledon Station

As part of the recent works on Wimbledon Station forecourt as part of Destination Wimbledon, there are now two disabled  (blue badge) parking bays on the slip road by the taxi rank.

However, it’s not at all clear how residents can access these. If one drives into the slip road from Alexandra Road, there are signs saying that the taxi rank/slip road is not accessible to the public and also, the taxis in the rank are often blocking the way through to the disabled parking bays.

We asked Merton Council about this, and they said:

1) The road is open to people wishing to use the blue badge bays.
2) The taxis should not be ranking on the right hand side of the road. The road belongs to Network Rail and is the responsibility of South West Trains (SWT) as the station operator although because the Council has been involved in the station forecourt redevelopment we have sent letters to the taxi drivers and also paid for signs to be erected to tell them not to rank on the right. However we have no powers of enforcement and as such the matter relies on SWT rather than the council.

I am sorry that I cannot provide a solution but we are pressing SWT to increase their enforcement of the restrictions on the Service Road and to remind Taxi drivers that the road is private and that they can impose controls on access to that road for taxis.

Given that the Council just seem to be throwing up their hands in despair about this, we are seeking a meeting with SWT to discuss what they can do.

Making public transport more affordable

This morning Liberal Democrats across London have been out and about talking to commuters about London Lib Dems’ 5 point plan for fairer fares. The plan includes proposals for ‘One Hour Bus Tickets’ allowing passengers to “hop on and off as many times as necessary within an hour”, early bird rates, part time Travelcards and the reinstatement of the Zone 2-6 Travelcard.

Here in Merton, local Lib Dem campaigners were in Wimbledon, Mitcham and Morden town centres, talking to people about the One Hour Bus Ticket. Later this evening, they’ll be doing the same in Raynes Park.

You can sign the petition supporting the One Hour Bus Ticket here and you can take Brian Paddick’s Transport survey here.


Foul state of lifts at Wimbledon Station

Merton Council and South West Trains (SWT) were very keen to respond to criticism about difficulties caused by the new station forecourt design.

Residents had written into the local paper to complain about access to the station for those with mobility issues. However, in terms of accessibility, if you can’t use stairs the station platforms are only accessible via rather horrible lifts. Read the rest of this entry

“Fix My Transport”

The people behind website, Fix My Street, My Society have launched a new site – Fix My Transport.

Fix My Transport aims to make reporting public transport problems as easy as reporting pot-holes and broken street lights is on Fix My Street.

Problem issues can be outlined on the site, which will then work out who is responsible for the station, stop, bus, train, tram or ferry complained about, and forward your message straight to them. The site also allows other individuals to sign up to “support” your query, and get email updates on progress.

The lack of transparency over who is responsible for maintaining transport land is something we’ve long campaigned on (see for example, London Lib Dems’ 5 point plan to end Merton’s messy train land) and so this is a welcome development. However, at the moment with regards to trains you can only report problems at specific stations, or along specific routes – you can’t use the site to report issues to Network Rail, who are responsible for most of the trackside embankments and property (meaning we can’t use it to report the awful state of Wimbledon Chase bridge). We’ve been in touch with them about this already.

The awful state of the lifts at Wimbledon Station has already been reported – here and here!

Wimbledon Station one of the most overcrowded in UK

Says Network Rail (NR). The station is one of 11 listed, which it says need action to ease overcrowding.

NR said measures to reduce congestion should be identified by 2019. Apparently “A number of measures have been identified to ease congestion, ranging from encouraging more print-at-home ticketing or relocating information points, to more expensive options involving the provision of additional space”.

The Station forecourt has already undergone a significant change in layout.