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Bookswap at Wimbledon Station has a new Facebook page.

Books at Wimbledon station bookswap Jan 2013You can like it at

Founded in 2009, leave your old books in the waiting room on platforms 5 / 6 at Wimbledon Station – and take any books that you fancy for free.

Wimbledon Station waiting rooms

Currently being refurbished. Means there’s temporarily no books in the Book Swap!

In the meantime, catch up with Book Swaps for London to see how getting book swaps in London’s train and tube stations is going.

South London Bookswaps [updated]

The Book Swaps for London blog argues that “When it comes to Station book swapping, it really is all about South¬†London“.

There are book swaps at Wimbledon, Raynes Park and (reportedly) Morden stations. You can find out more about the Wimbledon Station bookswap here.

The Book Swaps for London blog aims to support book swaps in “200 of the near 700 underground and rail stations in Greater London” in time for the Olympics.

Update: BookMachine interviews London Book Swap (Jan 2012).

Messy train land blog – review of the year . . . !

Caroline discusses Raynes Park railway bridge grafitti with local Lib Dems

Here at the Messy Train Land Blog, we’ve been looking back over the issues we campaigned on in 2010 and what we achieved. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll be covering what remains to be done in a subsequent post . . .

January: We invited Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon to Raynes Park in August 2009 to investigate the mess that the railway embankment was in. We were pleased to see in January, that she’d adopted one of our local suggestions as part of London Lib Dems’ 5 point plan for better stations – a dedicated website/phone line to report problems at stations or on railway land. If a resident wishes to report a problem they have to first work out who is responsible for the land, Network Rail or one of the mainy train, underground or tram companies! She’d already taken this up with the Mayor in 2009.

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Wimbledon Station bookswap on Facebook

Wimbledon Station Bookswap is on Facebook.

Wimbledon Station Bookswap [Updated]

You never need to be bored on a train journey from Wimbledon Station again! You might have already seen the posters advertising the “Wimbledon Station Book Swap” in the waiting room on platforms 5 and 6.

Just borrow or take books you fancy for free from the waiting room, and return them when you’re done – or donate your old books.

Focus Team member Anthony Fairclough set up the scheme with South West Trains, inspired by the success of a similar scheme at Raynes Park station. Anthony said:

“It’s a really good way to make use of your old books – just drop them in the waiting room, so that other commuters can enjoy them too. Hundreds of books have already passed through the scheme, on a huge number of topics and we’ve also managed to negotiate for Wimbledon library to give us some of their old books. It will hopefully help to make rail journeys just that little bit more pleasant!”

You can email Anthony on if you have old books you want to donate, or if you want to help out collecting books or designing bookswap stickers to spread the message.

UPDATED: The books go extremely quickly, so please make sure to donate some books – even just two or three – so that we can keep the scheme going witha¬† regular supply. Just leave them in the waiting room next time you’re there. We also have a Facebook group – search for “Wimbledon Station Bookswap”.