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Wimbledon Chase railway bridge will be repainted … pink (or maybe, “reddish”) [updated]

Following on from the announcement that the railway bridge at Wimbledon Chase will be repainted, a spokesperson for Network Rail confirmed to us:

I have been advised that this bridge will be painted as agreed by the council. To my knowledge this is due to be painted pink – please do not be alarmed as I have been informed that it will not be an eye sore and that it is a nice colour!

Let us know what you think!

UPDATE: On Tues 4 June, after asking further questions about this, we received the following message from Network Rail:

I appreciate [residents’] concerns however we are running out of time and discussing colours would only prolong this which I hope you understand. I have been advised that the bridge will be painted it’s original colour which I believe is reddish as this has faded. We have been working closely with the council to agree this.

The nature of these works is a significant amount of money as such hope the residents are aware of this.

So maybe not so pink after all.


About time: Wimbledon Chase Railway bridge to be repainted

Wimbledon Chase bridge: worst grafitti cleared.

London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon & the Wimbledon team celebrate bridge success in 2011.

Network Rail recently confirmed to Dundonald Liberal Democrats that

Repainting of Wimbledon Chase – I am pleased to confirm that painting of this bridge is due to take place this financial year (2013/2014), unfortunately I am unable to provide a confirmed date at this stage.

We’re really pleased – especially given our 2 year campaign to get them to paint out the worst aspects of the graffiti on the bridge that was eventually successful in 2011. That’s obviously set the ball rolling on getting them to sort out the whole bridge.

There should be a straightforward way for members of the public to report these kind of problems and then timely action from those who’re responsible. You shouldn’t need to be a transport expert, or oddly persistent, to get rubbish and graffiti removed near where you live, just because it happens to be on railway land or structures.

Update – here is a potted history of the 2 year campaign to get the graffiti painted out.

Thameslink VICTORY

Thameslink photoGreat news – it’s just been announced today that the battle to save the Thameslink service through London has been successful.

This follows the huge campaign against Network Rail’s plans to cut the direct link between south London, the City and central London, commonly known as the ‘Wimbledon loop’, after the Thameslink upgrade is completed in 2016.

Thousands of residents signed petitions and submitted comments to the consultation and in particular there was a key visit by a delegation including councillors and MPs from Merton and Sutton to see the Rail Minister – you may have read about our local campaign in the Wimbledon Guardian

This press release  went up today on the Department for Transport website.

Lib Dem councillor Mary-Jane Jeanes said:

This is absolutely fantastic news – we’re really pleased to have helped people get their views across through our petition and campaigning, and that ministers have listened.

During the campaign, so many people told us they’d bought homes and put down roots in local communities based on the train services along the Wimbledon Loop.

The proposals would have caused hardship and delay for passengers especially with considerable overcrowding at Blackfriars station if passengers had to change trains.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support.

Messy Train Land Blogger’s Review of 2012

2012 was a busy year for us hear at the Messy Train Land blog, we had some success and some setbacks – but we made a difference. Here are the highlights:

With the Mayoral elections fast approaching, January 2012 kicked off with a 5-point plan to make public transport more affordable. The plan included proposals for ‘One Hour Bus Tickets’ allowing passengers to “hop on and off as many times as necessary within an hour”, early bird rates, part time Travelcards and the reinstatement of the Zone 2-6 Travelcard. Travelling to work is a big expense for people.

Sadly Boris was re-elected, and so we’ve been lumbered with inflation-busting fair rises again this year. Read the rest of this entry

Two bits of good news

Messy train land - south side of Merton Hall Road footbridge

Messy train land – south side of Merton Hall Road footbridge

The first is that after much lobbying, Network Rail have eventually replied to comments about messy train land made in March:

Sincere apologies that you have not received a suitable response . . . works to clear up [Network Rail land at] Merton Hall Road and Chaseside Avenue at Wimbledon Chase has been scheduled to take place in the next two weeks.

And on Tuesday, we have also received the following press release from Sutton Council:

Saving the Loop Line

Thameslink Loop Line campaigners moved a step closer to saving the vital service when they persuaded the Minister of State to demand a review of the plan to sever the line at Blackfriars. Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of Sutton’s Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee, joined MPs, including Tom Brake and Paul Burstow, and councillors from neighbouring boroughs to lobby Simon Burns, Minister of State for Transport, at a House of Commons meeting on Monday (26 Nov). Read the rest of this entry

Clearing up Raynes Park station

According to the notes from the September Raynes Park community fourm,

[Network Rail] has agreed to clear more than 200 tonnes of material from the embankment in October. They will also be painting the railings. There will be a programme to lengthen the platforms in 2013 starting with platforms 1 and 4 in January lasting 4 weeks and then 2 and 3 in July.

Which is good news. However, despite promising some form of response to our complaints raised in March about the state of other bits of Network Rail-owned land in Merton, there still hasn’t been any sort of reply.

Hundreds back petition against plans to terminate Thameslink trains at Blackfriars

The Wimbledon Guardian reports that hundreds of people have backed a petition against plans to terminate South London’s Thameslink trains at Blackfriars Station.

The Department for Transport is consulting on the new seven year Thameslink franchise, and Network Rail has recommended that trains serving Merton on the ‘Wimbledon Loop’ should terminate early. This would mean the borough will have to direct link to the City, St Pancras International and Luton Airport.

Liberal Democrats from across South London have been campaigning on this issue since last year, and submitted a petition to ministers on Thursday.

Nine Merton stations would be affected by these proposals to downgrade the service, St Helier, Morden South, South Merton, Wimbledon Chase, Wimbledon, Haydons Road, Tooting, Mitcham Junction and Mitcham Eastfields. You can sign the online petition against the proposals here.

Wimbledon Station’s new Stag

Merton’s Mayor unveils the Stag, along with artist Isabelle Southward.

A a contemporary sculpture of a Stag, made from steel, has been unveiled today outside Wimbledon Station.

The Stag, at its highest point, will stand approximately 3 metres high and 3 metres in length.

The design was produced by local artist, Isabelle Southwood.

The sculpture was commissioned by Merton Council, Transport for London, South West Trains and Network Rail

What do people think? Commentary on the Council’s Facebook page hasn’t all been positive.

Preserve south London train links to St Pancras and Luton airport

Lambeth councillors have written to the Transport Minister urging her to ensure that direct Thameslink services continue to run north of Blackfriars to St Pancras International and Luton airport.

Liberal Democrats on Lambeth council have challenged Network Rail’s plans to cut the direct Thameslink rail link between south London, the City and central London (known as the ‘Wimbledon loop’). This

In November 2011, Merton’s Liberal Democrats have launched the “Save our Thameslink” petition.

There are nine stations in Merton that would be affected by this proposal: St Helier, Morden South, South Merton, Wimbledon Chase, Wimbledon, Haydons Road, Tooting, Mitcham Junction and Mitcham Eastfields.

Save our Thameslink: Transport department says all still to fight for

Cutting the 'Wimbledon Loop' would affect several Merton stations.

Following Network Rail’s plans to cut the direct Thameslink rail link between south London, the City and central London (known as the ‘Wimbledon loop’), Merton’s Liberal Democrats have launched the “Save our Thameslink” petition.

The Thameslink Programme Team at the Department for Transport have recently responded to questions from local campaigners:

The proposal that Wimbledon Loop services should be amongst the eight trains that terminate at Blackfriars was included in Network Rail’s South London Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) . . . 

Read the rest of this entry