Mayor rules out a part-time workers’ Travelcard

Last week at Mayor’s Question Time, Boris refused to consider the merits of a Travelcard for part-time workers.

Following questioning from Caroline Pidgeon, the Mayor, who is chair of Transport for London, gave a clear cut reply that he had ruled out any further consideration of the proposal. His stance led to criticisms even from Conservative Assembly Members.
Following the Mayor’s reply Caroline Pidgeon said:

The Mayor’s categorical statement that he will not consider further introducing a travelcard to cover part-time workers is deeply disappointing.

Already 900,000 people in London work part-time and the figure is rapidly increasing.

Daily caps on Oyster simply don’t provide the same good deal for the many people who need to get to an office three days a week.  Ultimately the whole travelcard system is centred around the old fashioned idea of everyone working a five day week in an office environment.  That simply isn’t the real working experience anymore for many people.

The Mayor, as chair of Transport for London, should stop making excuses and instead ensure that people who work part-time or regularly work from home are given a fair deal.

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