About time: Wimbledon Chase Railway bridge to be repainted

Wimbledon Chase bridge: worst grafitti cleared.

London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon & the Wimbledon team celebrate bridge success in 2011.

Network Rail recently confirmed to Dundonald Liberal Democrats that

Repainting of Wimbledon Chase – I am pleased to confirm that painting of this bridge is due to take place this financial year (2013/2014), unfortunately I am unable to provide a confirmed date at this stage.

We’re really pleased – especially given our 2 year campaign to get them to paint out the worst aspects of the graffiti on the bridge that was eventually successful in 2011. That’s obviously set the ball rolling on getting them to sort out the whole bridge.

There should be a straightforward way for members of the public to report these kind of problems and then timely action from those who’re responsible. You shouldn’t need to be a transport expert, or oddly persistent, to get rubbish and graffiti removed near where you live, just because it happens to be on railway land or structures.

Update – here is a potted history of the 2 year campaign to get the graffiti painted out.


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