Blue badge bays at Wimbledon Station

As part of the recent works on Wimbledon Station forecourt as part of Destination Wimbledon, there are now two disabled  (blue badge) parking bays on the slip road by the taxi rank.

However, it’s not at all clear how residents can access these. If one drives into the slip road from Alexandra Road, there are signs saying that the taxi rank/slip road is not accessible to the public and also, the taxis in the rank are often blocking the way through to the disabled parking bays.

We asked Merton Council about this, and they said:

1) The road is open to people wishing to use the blue badge bays.
2) The taxis should not be ranking on the right hand side of the road. The road belongs to Network Rail and is the responsibility of South West Trains (SWT) as the station operator although because the Council has been involved in the station forecourt redevelopment we have sent letters to the taxi drivers and also paid for signs to be erected to tell them not to rank on the right. However we have no powers of enforcement and as such the matter relies on SWT rather than the council.

I am sorry that I cannot provide a solution but we are pressing SWT to increase their enforcement of the restrictions on the Service Road and to remind Taxi drivers that the road is private and that they can impose controls on access to that road for taxis.

Given that the Council just seem to be throwing up their hands in despair about this, we are seeking a meeting with SWT to discuss what they can do.


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