Foul state of lifts at Wimbledon Station

Merton Council and South West Trains (SWT) were very keen to respond to criticism about difficulties caused by the new station forecourt design.

Residents had written into the local paper to complain about access to the station for those with mobility issues. However, in terms of accessibility, if you can’t use stairs the station platforms are only accessible via rather horrible lifts.So, on 14 September we took the opportunity of “public questions” at Merton Council’s meeting, to ask:

You have responded to criticism that the Wimbledon Station forecourt redesign does not meet the needs of those with mobility difficulties. The station lifts are a key factor in access to the platforms, but are often in a foul state. Have you raised this with SWT, and if not, will you? 

The response of the relevant Councillor, Andrew Judge, was telling:

The station lifts are the responsibility of South West Trains (the station leaseholder) and Network Rail (the owner). The improvements works outside the station were delivered jointly between the council and the station operators, but any works/maintenance issues within the station building are outside the scope of the Destination Wimbledon project. However, the council is aware that South West Trains and Network Rail do have plans to upgrade the lifts, although officers do not have information relating to the specific
timing and extent of these works. Council officers regularly liaise with South West Trains and Network Rail as part of the Destination Wimbledon project and do raise such concerns and will continue to do so in the future.

We took this as “Not really our problem” – but the good news is that upgrade work seems to have begun on some of the lifts already.


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