“Fix My Transport”

The people behind website, Fix My Street, My Society have launched a new site – Fix My Transport.

Fix My Transport aims to make reporting public transport problems as easy as reporting pot-holes and broken street lights is on Fix My Street.

Problem issues can be outlined on the site, which will then work out who is responsible for the station, stop, bus, train, tram or ferry complained about, and forward your message straight to them. The site also allows other individuals to sign up to “support” your query, and get email updates on progress.

The lack of transparency over who is responsible for maintaining transport land is something we’ve long campaigned on (see for example, London Lib Dems’ 5 point plan to end Merton’s messy train land) and so this is a welcome development. However, at the moment with regards to trains you can only report problems at specific stations, or along specific routes – you can’t use the site to report issues to Network Rail, who are responsible for most of the trackside embankments and property (meaning we can’t use it to report the awful state of Wimbledon Chase bridge). We’ve been in touch with them about this already.

The awful state of the lifts at Wimbledon Station has already been reported – here and here!


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