Oyster Cards, overcharging & Wimbledon station recycling – March update

Train and tube passengers overcharged

Oyster card users in Merton were overcharged by £1.2million last year, according to new figures obtained by Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly.

Lib Dem London Assembly leader, Caroline Pidgeon said: “This level of overcharging is totally unacceptable. There is something very seriously wrong when each and every week of the year Londoners are ripped off by more than £1 million.” For more details, including overcharging at each station in Merton, please see the coverage on WimbledonSW19.com

Touching in with Oyster on the tram at Wimbledon Station

At Mayor’s Question Time in March, London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon told London’s Mayor Boris Johnson that she had been “informed that Wimbledon Station is very confusing for passengers who cannot find where to touch in and out with Oyster when interchanging between Overground rail and the tram.”

Boris’ response was:

TfL is already planning to improve the signage around the two yellow Oyster readers on the Tramlink platform at Wimbledon to make it clearer which one is for tram passengers and which one is for passengers interchanging onto National Rail.

In addition, TfL has been working with South West Trains and the London Borough of Merton to improve interchange signage and is supporting the borough-led forecourt improvement scheme, which will make journeys from the station more straight-forward.

Newspaper recycling facilities at Wimbledon Station

The Dundonald Lib Dem Focus Team asked why the newspaper recycling bins had been moved from the pavements near the Wimbledon Station forecourt. They were told that once the station forecourt has been improved, dual recycling and litter bins would be reinstalled. The Focus Team will monitor this, given the difficulties getting recycling at stations in the first place . . .


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  1. Surely this is not ‘overcharging’ at all but people just not realising the conditions of Oyster pay as you go.

    If they do not touch in at the start of the journey, how exactly are TfL supposed to calculate how much to charge?

    I am more concerned at the amount of time the barriers are left open at stations, especially in the evenings, meaning there is no need to check in or out.

    • Messy Train Land Blogger

      I think the point is that there is so much of this type of charging going on that there is a problem with the system / the set up at particular stations (indeed Caroline’s quote references this). Wimbledon Station is one of the “top 10” stations for these kind of charges. Open barriers are one example of this – how much more likely is it that people will fail to “sign out” when the barriers are open at unmanned stations? The confusion of the extra “sign in” points on the district line and tram platforms at Wimbledon is another one.

      • I think TfL have made it pretty clear that you need to touch in at the start of your journey and out at the end.

        The solution is to keep the barriers closed and manned which I presume at Wimbledon is the responsibility of South West Trains or Railtrack.

        If I get a train from Waterloo to Wimbledon without touching out, how much do South West Trains see of the £7.40?

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