Bill Bryson & legal action on railway litter

Bill Bryson campaigning against railway litter.The author Bill Bryson and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) are spearheading a new campaign to force Network Rail and the train operators to clean up their stations, sidings and approaches, as they are legally obliged to do.

Bill, who is president of the CPRE, explains:

“This is not a complicated or controversial issue. Organisations responsible for public land are required to keep it clear of litter. If they’re not taking this responsibility seriously, we all have the power to compel them to do so.”

The CPRE’s Guide can be found here.


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  1. Anne Delaney

    I completely agree with Bill Bryson. I hope that people visiting London do not judge all of us by what they seen when travelling by train. I would like to be proud of our environment not ashamed.

    • Messy Train Land Blogger

      In March, we have been liaising with Network Rail and Tramlink about the state of land along the footpath between Dundonald Road and Alt Grove, as well as the railway land at the end of Merton Hall Road.

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