Messy train land blog – review of the year . . . !

Caroline discusses Raynes Park railway bridge grafitti with local Lib Dems

Here at the Messy Train Land Blog, we’ve been looking back over the issues we campaigned on in 2010 and what we achieved. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll be covering what remains to be done in a subsequent post . . .

January: We invited Lib Dem London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon to Raynes Park in August 2009 to investigate the mess that the railway embankment was in. We were pleased to see in January, that she’d adopted one of our local suggestions as part of London Lib Dems’ 5 point plan for better stations – a dedicated website/phone line to report problems at stations or on railway land. If a resident wishes to report a problem they have to first work out who is responsible for the land, Network Rail or one of the mainy train, underground or tram companies! She’d already taken this up with the Mayor in 2009.

Feb-March: Saw the Messy Train Land blog agreeing with South West Trains and Wimbledon library that we could set up the Wimbledon Station Bookswap in the waiting room on platforms 5/6 on Wimbledon Station. We were also in touch with Transport for London who agreed to send engineers to investigate the timing of the traffic lights at the Hartfield Road junction with Kingston Road, and the tram level crossing – to see if this could help stop traffic jams on Kingston Road.

April: There was another 5 point plan from the London Lib Dems, this time for the Northern Line Upgrade.

May: For a brief period in May, Merton Council consulted on giving Wimbledon Station a ‘facelift’ in time for the Olympics. We sent off our thoughts . . .

June-August: As we moved into Summer, Tory Mayor Boris was reluctant to get involved in helping residents clean up grafitti near Tramlink property – just pointing out it was owned by Network Rail. Residents have this problem all the time – that no one will take responsibility! He was equally as unhelpful when it came to applying pressure on Network Rail to clean up the bridge at Wimbledon Chase. We tried to get Ministers to help in August.

September: Plans to leave Wimbledon Park underground ticket office unstaffed were revealed in September – London Liberal Democrats campaigned to Save Our Ticket Offices.

Oct-December: The Wimbledon Station Bookswap went on Facebook and South West Trains backed down on Oyster card top-ups, after London Assembly Lib Dems pointed out that they were the only train company in the capital refusing to sell Oyster products.


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  1. Anne Delaney

    RE: Wimpledon Station.
    The passenger lift at Wimbledon station is filthy. I only use it when I return from holiday. It has been in the same disgusting state for at least 3 years.

  2. Anthony Fairclough

    I’ve written to South West Trains about this – you are right, it’s horrible. Will update when there’s more information.

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