State of Wimbledon Chase bridge: Minister responds

The Minister of State for Transport, Conservative MP, Theresa Villiers, has responded to our requests for assistance in getting action on the bridge at Wimbledon Station with a letter.

It seems that Network Rail has fallen back on its estimate that to take any action on the bridge would cost £100,000. However, the worst areas of graffiti are over pavements, and presumably could be cleaned or painted over for much less – which would be an improvement, even if the entire bridge wasn’t repainted.


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  1. Clare Gollop

    I cannot understand why NetWork Rail is not interested in helping the community to feel proud of where they live. When I open my front door I am confronted with an ugly high wall and overgrown weeds. I know that any major upgrades would be expensive but not repair and paint. Is there anything the local residents could do? The bridge and walls are depressing and dowdy and I like many residents want to feel proud of where we live.
    Paint yes

  2. Messy Train Land Blogger

    Hi Clare, we’re currently liaising with Caroline Pidgeon’s office (London Assembly member) about how we continue to tackle Network Rail on this.

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