Lib Dems challenge Boris to support Wimbledon Chase bridge clean-up

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, was challenged to put pressure on Network Rail about the state of the bridge near Wimbledon Chase Station.

Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon asked the Mayor:

Will you put pressure on Network Rail and the new Minister for Rail to improve the bridge as soon as possible?

Unfortunately Boris just pointed out that the bridge is the responsibility of Network Rail – which is rather missing the point!

Network Rail have previously said it would be too expensive to repaint the bridge, which is an eyesore because of grafitti.


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  1. One of the worst aspects of the Wimbledon Chase bridge is the frequent fowling (sic) of the pavement below by pigeons. The netting must be maintained to prevent them nesting.


  2. Let’s ask Network Rail for a full breakdown of the costs. We can then attack the argument that it is too expensive. Surely it just requires, scaffolding, paint and the labour cost to paint it doesn’t it?

    • Anthony Fairclough

      Yesterday night we received a letter from Theresa Villiers MP (Transport Minister) who Caroline Pidgeon had been in touch with on this. Network Rail had repeated their claims about the cost (£100,000), they say this is because repainting would require road and rail closures. Given that most of the grafitti is above the wide-ish pavements, this doesn’t seem right. You make a fair point, and we’ll follow it up.

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