Latest on Wimbledon Station re-development

At a recent Merton Council meeting, the time scale for proposals to redevelop Wimbledon Station forecourt were outlined by the councillor in charge.

“Can the Cabinet member [for Finance and Regeneration] tell me what the status is of the proposals to redevelop Wimbledon station forecourt?”

“Improving the forecourt of Wimbledon Station has been identified as one of the highest priorities for improving Wimbledon Town Centre by the local community. As a result, a formal bid for funding to improve the station forecourt has been submitted to TfL (Transport for London) through their Area Based Scheme programme and to Network Rail /South West Trains through the Station Improvement Programme, all of whom have an interest in the station. In addition, the borough has committed £250k of Section 106 developer contribution monies to the scheme. Informal support for the proposal from TfL has been received as the scheme is considered high priority in light of the 2012 Olympics.
Currently a broad ‘feasibility design’ has been created including the pedestrianisation of the forecourt and simplified pedestrian crossing movements around the station. This is being used as a base case against which a number of technical assessments can be carried out including traffic signal impacts and engineering issues associated with the bridge structure.

The proposal has been shared informally with a number of local community groups for feedback, which has generally been positive though comments about the proposed steps in the station forecourt and the taxi rank configuration remain under review.
This will be followed by a refined version of the outline design using both urban and highway engineering resources. It is proposed to develop the outline design for an informal consultation in Spring 2010. The outcome of the consultation will allow for refinement of the outline design and for the formal approval processes to begin (both council and external). Currently it is planned to initiate the detailed design process in Summer 2010 allowing for procurement of the construction of the scheme to be completed by Autumn 2010 and implementation in the early part of 2011.
In addition to improvements in the station forecourt itself, officers are continuing to liaise with the Mayor’s office with a view to securing additional investment to improve the street scene in the area surrounding the station in advance of the 2012 Olympics. In addition, a 2010/11 and 2011/12 LIP programme bid has also been submitted to TfL that would bring improvements to the length of the Broadway, from Mansel Road to the New Wimbledon Theatre, a response to which is expected later this year.”


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