We want to take pride in where we live. Worse problems tend to develop in neglected areas, where small things like grafitti and litter are not tackled. We understand that the rail and tram companies have lots of priorities, but we want to see them become more responsive to people’s concerns, and act quicker when problem areas are pointed out.

The six things we want to get sorted before the end of this year – let us know in the comments section if there’s anything we’ve missed!

Checking out grafitti on public footpath running along main railway line

Checking out grafitti on public footpath running along main railway line

1. Grafitti on railway bridge near Wimbledon Chase Station. Network Rail have told us that they are arranging to clear this, but it’s taking them months and months to get round to doing it.

2.The terrible state of the alleyways that run along the main trainlines through Wimbledon – not an easy one.

3. Litter and mess on tram lines at Dundonald Rd and Merton Park tram stops, and over the level crossing on Kingston Road

4. State of the footbridge at the end of Merton Hall Road.

5.  Making sure the land owned by Colas Rail, and the public footpath along side it from Dundonald Road, is kept tidy.

6. Improvements to Stations in the area – Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Wimbledon Chase, as well as Dundonald Road and Merton Park Tram stops.

Leave us a comment to tell us about anything else!


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  1. anthonyfairclough

    Residents are submitting a petition to ask Network Rail to repaint the bridge at Wimbledon Chase on 3 August.

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