Wimbledon Chase Embankment, early 2009

Wimbledon Chase Station Embankment This photo was taken after we’d successfully nagged Network Rail to cut back overhanging bushes that were pushing down the embankment fence.

The fact that something was achieved here is proof that contacting Network Rail again and again, and getting other people to do so as well, will eventually see results. It took us months and months of mentioning the state of the overhanging vegetation, but we got there in the end.


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  1. The embankment was looking good after the fence was repaired and the overhanging bushes trimmed back. The area was full of sparrows (previously logged by RSPB). Then in early July the trees and shrubs close to the track had to be cut back for safety. No problem with this, except the company (Homegrown Timber (Rail) Limited)who were commissioned by Network Railthey to do the work just dumped all the cut branches on the embankment. So now there is a large area of dead vegetation for the residents of Chase Side Avenue to look at.

  2. After a fair amount of pushing, Network Rail have eventually replied on this. They say:

    “We do leave some vegetation that we cut back as it is a good habitat for wild life. I will ask the contractor the next time they are in the area if they can remove some of it.”

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